Casino City Press Product Catalog

25 Casino City Press w Your guide to the gaming industry Visit for the latest product information and sample pages. iGaming Jurisdiction Profile Annual Reports of iGaming Businesses The site also includes thousands of annual reports for online gaming businesses along with payment methods, currencies, languages and a directory of online slot games. iGaming Jurisdictions The directory provides coverage of 196 online gaming jurisdictions including background information, regulatory agency and contact information, and sites operated from or regulated by the jurisdiction. Affiliate Programs and Sites A directory of 1,000 affiliate programs and networks showing sites represented, affiliate managers and other program details is provided along with 13,000 web portal sites showing game verticals, traffic rank, language, geographic focus and owner. iGaming Suppliers A directory of 1,700 additional suppliers to the online gaming industry, ranging from attorneys to back office support and marketing to turnkey solution providers, is included. Online Slot Games A directory of 18,000 online slot games is provided by software manufacturer and by theme. Payment Processing Information on 930 payment methods and 650 payment processors is also included. Currencies and Languages 240 currencies and 80 languages are included with links to the sites that use them and their popularity ranking. Annual Reports The site includes more than 1,900 annual reports of iGaming businesses around the world.