Casino City Press Product Catalog

24 Gaming Directories For more information or to order, visit or call +1.617.332.2850 x610. i i Regional and Global Rankings Popularity rankings are provided by geographic region and globally for affiliate programs, iGaming sites, owners and operators, game developers, portal sites and more to help you examine the top companies in your market and worldwide. Comparative Rankings You Configure You can configure the rankings based on a global versus regional focus, desktop versus mobile traffic and time frames. For example, you may choose to see global ranks for both desktop and mobile traffic over a specific time frame, compare it to a prior time frame and see the change in the rankings. You may also compare regional rankings to global rankings and desktop to mobile rankings. A list of casino sites is shown above with a “Current Quarter Rank” based on the last three months of desktop and mobile traffic worldwide. The “Change from Last Quarter” column shows the change in ranking from the prior three-month period. A list of casino portal sites is shown on the right with the same ranking configuration.