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Web Beacons

    Web pages may contain electronic images (called a "single-pixel GIF" or "web beacon") that allow a web site to count users who have visited that page or to access certain cookies. Casino City uses web beacons in the following ways:

Within the Casino City Network

  • Casino City uses web beacons within the Casino City network of web sites in order to count users and to recognize registered users by accessing Casino City cookies.
  • Being able to access Casino City cookies allows us to personalize your experience when you visit Casino City web sites that are not part of the domain (like or

Outside the Casino City Network

  • In the future, Casino City may use web beacons to conduct research on behalf of certain partners on their web sites and also for auditing purposes.
  • Information recorded through these web beacons can be used to report aggregate information about Casino City users to our partners. This aggregate information may include demographic and usage information. No personally identifiable information about you is shared with partners from this research.
  • When conducting research Casino City's practice is to require our partners to disclose the presence of these web beacons on their pages in their privacy policies and state what choices are available to users regarding the collection and use of this information.


  • Casino City's practice is to include web beacons in HTML-formatted email messages (messages that include graphics) that Casino City itself sends in order to determine which email messages were opened and to note whether a message was acted upon.

Casino City Points

  • In the future, Casino City may award you Casino City Points upon opening a message. Casino City delivered messages may include a web beacon that displays a message informing you of point awards or inviting you to join Casino City Points if you are not a member.
  • In the future, Casino City Points may be awarded when you act on a banner or message offering points for visiting an advertiser's web site. The advertiser places web beacons on their page to allow Casino City to award you points for your visit if you are a Casino City Points member.

    In general, any electronic image viewed as part of a web page, including an ad banner, can act as a web beacon. Advertising networks that serve ads onto Casino City may use web beacons in their advertisements.

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