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20 For more information or to order, visit or call +1.617.332.2850 x610. U.S. Indian Tribe Profiles ____________________________________________________ Third Edition - 886 Pages $649.95 Multi-User Online Subscription† and Printed Book $549.95 Multi-User Online Subscription† $424.95 Online Subscription and Printed Book $324.95 Online Subscription Only $324.95 Printed Book Only ISBN 978-1885931061 †The Multi-User Online Subscription provides access to the Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country online subscription for up to three (3) users from your company. “For anyone who wants to understand the state of Indian Country, Tiller’s Guide is simply invaluable. Its unmatched factual detail is organized and presented brilliantly, allowing the reader to focus immediately on any individual Native Nation.” – Joseph P. Kalt, Co-Director, The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, Harvard University “Tiller’s Guide continues to provide rich and valuable information of histories and profile data of the tribes across the nation, including their current economic growth and diversification, land status, government, infrastructure and tourism. Dr. Tiller has methodically and patiently gathered together this information into a single, thorough guide. That’s what makes Tiller’s Guide indispensable.” – W. Ron Allen, Chairman/CEO, Jamestown S’Klallam of Washington State Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country Features comprehensive profiles of 567 recognized tribes in 34 states, including 252 tribes that operate 497 gaming facilities. Compiled by Dr. Veronica E. Velarde Tiller, noted historian and member of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, the all-new third edition of Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country is a unique resource with nearly 900 pages of the most complete profiles ever published on the 567 recognized tribes in the United States. Ten years in the making, the latest edition of Tiller’s Guide profiles tribes from Maine to San Diego County, from Alaska to the Everglades. Each profile includes brief accounts of the history and culture of each tribe, with detailed information regarding their economies, infrastructure, resources, enterprises, labor forces, populations, size and characteristics of their reservations. Dr. Tiller and her team have visited many of the reservations personally for firsthand confirmation of the tribal profiles. “Revenues from gaming operations continue to provide the basis of expansion, diversification and growth of many tribal economies ... The Indian economic renaissance is a powerful success story of the resilience of the human spirit and the promise of America itself.” -Dr. Veronica Tiller Detailed profiles of 252 gaming tribes are provided in the guide along with profiles of all other federally recognized tribes in the United States. The 497 gaming facilities they operate generate revenues to improve tribal infrastructure, expand human services, and support improvements to local non-Indian communities. Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country is a must-have reference for anyone interested in doing business with tribal nations or for economic researchers and gaming industry analysts. Profiles of every federally recognized Native American tribe in the U.S.!