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2 For more information or to order, visit or call +1.617.332.2850 x610. Casino City’s Provides profiles for 9,000 gaming properties and 1,000 property owners, including 27,000 gaming executive contacts with continual updates, plus online search and download features for marketing and selling to the gaming industry. Take a FREE TRIAL at! Single-User Subscription GamingDirectory.comMulti-User Subscription† † Multi-User Subscription includes access for up to five (5) users from your company. $424.95 Book/CD Package $399.95 CD Edition Only ISBN 978-1606271797 $350.00 Print Edition Only ISBN 978-1606271780 Subscription Contract One-Time Purchase 6-Month Annual $499.95 $799.95 $599.95 $999.95 Subscription Contract One-Time Purchase 6-Month Annual $799.95 $1,399.95 $949.95 $1,549.95 _____________________________________________ 2022 Edition - 724 Pages | Published annually Casino City’s is an online database service with continually updated gaming property, property owner and executive information. The gaming industry is constantly changing. Our dedicated research team makes more than 500 updates every month to the gaming property and contact information in our database. We stay on top of these industry changes so you don’t have to. Visit to take a FREE trial! See page 5 for package savings! What Our Customers Say... “I want to thank you for providing us with your casino directory. We have been a customer of Casino City Press for more than 10 years. The online directory provides us with contacts throughout the casino industry and makes it possible for us to network with our friends. I would hate to think of what it would do to our business if we did not have access to your online directory. Please keep up the good work.” - Mel Robinson, President MDR & Associates, Inc. Continually updated gaming property and owner contacts!