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Visit for the latest product information and to take a free trial. 17 Casino City Press w Your guide to the gaming industry Comprehensive Indian Gaming COVID-19 Casino Closure and Reopening History and Property Maps Access interactive maps displaying the locations of all Indian gaming properties in the United States. You can zoom in on the maps to see close-up satellite images of properties and click on a property icon to view property data. Comprehensive coverage is also provided for COVID-19 property closures and reopenings by state with useful maps and charts, plus a list of the most recent reopenings. The map on the left above shows Indian gaming properties in the state of California identified with red pins. This map may be viewed by clicking a link from the California Indian gaming overview. Clicking a red pin displays the property name and address and a link to the full property profile as shown at left and on the opposite page. Close-up satellite images of properties are also displayed by clicking a link from the property profile page. The map to the right above shows all gaming properties owned by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Profiles are provided for each tribe with address, main contact information, lists of properties owned and a link to a map of the tribe’s properties. California Indian Gaming Property Map Gaming Property Close-Up Satellite Image Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Gaming Properties