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Visit for the latest product information and to take a free trial. 15 Casino City Press w Your guide to the gaming industry Growth of Gaming Revenue at Indian Gaming Facilities Map of Indian Gaming Growth The color-coded map above provided in the printed report shows Indian gaming revenue growth by state. Similar maps are provided for gaming revenue growth at U.S. commercial casino and racino segments. The chart above in the printed report shows total gaming revenue growth at Indian gaming facilities by year for the thirteen-year period of 2005-2017. The printed report contains more than 50 charts and tables with revenue data, revenue growth, counts and more. Indian Gaming Revenue and State Comparisons Market summaries for each state include year-over-year comparisons for gaming and nongaming revenue, plus number of gaming tribes, facilities, gaming machines and tables. Indian Gaming Performance Analysis and Trends Comparisons are provided across states and classes of gaming, state-by-state historical perspective and trends, comparisons to other gaming segments, and an economic impact analysis measuring Indian gaming’s contribution to the U.S. economy. Indian Gaming Facility and Tribe Directory A current directory is included of the 545 Indian gaming facilities operating in the United States along with a cross-reference listing of 260 gaming tribes and the facilities they own. Highlights > > Size of the segment: number of gaming tribes, gaming facilities, gaming machines and table games; gaming and nongaming revenue > > Performance metrics: growth; measures of concentration; contributions of states to nationwide performance > > State-by-state market summaries > > Comparisons to other segments of the gaming industry: commercial casinos, racinos and card rooms > > Contribution of Indian gaming to the U.S. economy: sales, jobs, wages, taxes and revenue-sharing payments to non-tribal governments > > Historical Indian gaming revenue data back to calendar year 2001 by state