Casino City Press Product Catalog

Visit for the latest product information, online tutorials and to take a free trial. 13 Casino City Press w Your guide to the gaming industry North American Gaming Market Analyzer Tool Use the market analyzer tool for custom gaming property marketplace analysis by geographic area and by type of gaming facility. Specify a gaming property and the distance around the property comprising the area you’d like to examine. Results show the total number of properties, gaming machines, table games, poker tables, hotel rooms, restaurants, entertainment venues and more for that area, along with the selected property’s % share. You can view the detailed data for each property matching your geographic filtering criteria. (See examples at right.) North American Gaming Property, Owner and Regulatory Agency Data An interactive directory of every gaming jurisdiction in the U.S., Canada and Mexico is provided showing lists of properties open, planned and under construction; property statistics; and address and general contact information for gaming properties, property owners, and regulatory agencies and commissions. Profiles are provided for mroe than 3,400 gaming properties, more than 550 property owners, and every gaming regulatory agency and commission in North America. (See a sample property profile for the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa on the lower right and additional examples on page 9.) North American Gaming Property Maps Access interactive maps displaying the locations of every gaming property in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. You can zoom in on the maps to see close-up satellite images of properties and click on a property icon to view property data. (See page 17 for a sample map.) Annual Reports for North American Gaming Businesses Provides more than 1,600 annual reports of gaming organizations doing business in North America. Printed Almanac in Searchable Electronic Format View all current and prior annual print editions of Casino City’s North American Gaming Almanac in electronic format with full text searching capabilities. Clicking “View Details”within the Market Analyzer displays a list of properties in the geographic area you’ve defined and the associated property data. The Gaming Market Analyzer tool allows you to view counts of properties, gaming machines, tables and more based on a geographic area you define, and to see a particular property’s % share. From the property list, clicking on a property or owner name displays individual organization profiles like the one shown above for the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City. North American Gaming Market Analyzer