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World Online Gambling Law Report - Monthly Newsletter
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World Online Gambling Law Report - Monthly Newsletter

The World Online Gambling Law Report is essential reading for busy professionals in the online gambling and gaming sectors. Written by experts, for experts, this monthly journal delivers razor-sharp analysis and insight on the legal and regulatory topics that matter to those involved with online gambling.

Launched in 2002, World Online Gambling Law Report has not only witnessed the explosion in internet gambling and gaming - it has been on the cutting-edge of reporting throughout, providing news and commentary on key developments across the world over the last 11 years. Subscribers to the journal not only receive print copies each month but also gain full online access, including to the fully searchable archives, which feature every article ever published.

The World Online Gambling Law Report covers:

  • Online gambling regulation
  • Social gambling & gaming
  • Fraud & AML
  • Mobile gaming
  • Sports betting
  • Gambling payments
  • Case law decisions
  • Match-fixing
  • Advertising
  • Data protection
  • And much more…
World Online Gambling Law Report has a world-leading Editorial Board made up of top practitioners in the respective fields, and it is this hands-on insight that really sets the publication apart. Our contributors are leading legal professionals, who ask the burning questions and provide the in-depth expertise that the industry craves.

Global reach
In every issue, World Online Gambling Law Report identifies the most important legal and regulatory developments from around the world, making it a publication with a truly global appeal. Whether it's state-by-state regulation in the US or the point-of-consumption tax in the UK, World Online Gambling Law Report keeps readers up-to-date on what is happening across the globe.

Who subscribes?
The publication's subscribers include leading law firms, both in the UK and across the world, as well as gaming operators, regulators, academic institutions, gambling consultancies, payment processors and financial services firms.

Concise, considered, crucial: World Online Gambling Law Report.


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