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Internet Gaming Law  |  Part of Casino City's iGaming Publication Package

Second Edition, 460 Pages
ISBN 978-1-934854-00-6

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Understanding the Impact of U.S. State, Federal, and International Laws Covering Online Gambling

Second Edition, Revised and Expanded

Covers the multitude of new regulatory challenges involved with gambling legislation and how the law affects various constituencies - from operators and players to advertisers, banks, and software developers.

The publication clears up much of the confusing rhetoric regarding gaming and the law. The authors, I. Nelson Rose, a leading expert in the field of gambling law, and Martin D. Owens, an attorney who specializes in online gambling, explain how the law affects everyone - operators and players, regulators and advertisers, banks, and software developers.

Rose and Owens discuss the impact of U.S. state, federal, and international laws on traditional forms of gambling played online, such as casinos, lotteries, bingo, and sports betting, and tell you what to do if you are connected with sites offering sweepstakes, games of skill, and day-trading.

This new revised and expanded publication is an essential resource for legal professionals and business executives in the field of internet gaming.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1: Basics
  • Chapter 2: Types of Gaming
  • Chapter 3: How Gambling Law Developed
  • Chapter 4: The Techno-Legal Structure Behind Internet Gambling
  • Chapter 5: Internet Gambling Law and Regulation in the Digital Age: Theory and Practice in the United States
  • Chapter 6: Regulation of Online Gambling Outside the United States
  • Chapter 7: Internet Gaming in the Traditional Context of International Law
  • Chapter 8: The Legal Framework of Cross-Border Betting
  • Chapter 9: Money Transfers and Taxation Issues Affecting Internet Gambling
  • Chapter 10: The Problem of Advertising Internet and Interactive Gaming
  • Chapter 11: Legal Issues Confronting Online Gaming Operators and Players
  • Chapter 12: The Future of Internet Gaming
  • Appendix: Federal Law
  • Case Index
  • Subject Index


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