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The Global Gambling Report  |  Part of Casino City's Gaming Analyst Package

The Global Gambling Report
Eighth Edition, 1,750+ Pages
May 2013

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Customer Testimonials
"This is the most definitive research ever undertaken into the global gambling market. We make constant reference to it."

-IQ Ludorum

"The Global Gambling Report has become one of the most important tools in assessing market size and potential. A must for every global player."

-John Whittaker, Managing Director of Stanley Leisure plc - Betting Division

"We found it to be an excellent resource for our gaming market research. The report greatly exceeded our expectations as a first time user of a GBGC publication."

-Crowe, Chizek and Company LLP

Provides exhaustive qualitative and quantitative commentary on the state of gaming in over 250 jurisdictions across all regions of the world.

  • A Major Markets Database, providing gaming revenues from 2001-2011 of the major gaming markets in Europe, Asia, North America, and Oceania
  • Appendices which include the gaming revenues by sector for each country in the world for the latest available year
  • General country information regarding population, Internet penetration, currency, and GDP per capita
  • A summary of the nature of the gambling market for each sector available in every jurisdiction
  • A new section on regulation and taxation
  • Industry forecasts up to 2017, which are widely recognized as the industry standard for sizing the global market
  • Indices measuring the performance of the largest listed land-based and online gaming companies
The Global Gambling Report: Raising the Stakes

The Global Gambling Report is the most comprehensive report on the state of the gambling industry in the world. The new Eighth Edition contains more than 1,750 pages of gambling data, regulation, news and analysis for more than 250 individual jurisdictions.

Hundreds of tables and graphs help show the trends taking place in each market by gambling sector, betting, casinos, gaming machines, lotteries, bingo and charitable gaming, Internet.


  • Africa: 45 jurisdictions (Algeria to Zimbabwe); 119 pages
  • Asia and Middle East: 42 jurisdictions (Armenia to West Bank); 190 pages
  • Caribbean: 18 jurisdictions (Antigua to Virgin Islands); 64 pages
  • Europe: 49 jurisdictions (Albania to Ukraine); 345 pages
  • Latin America: 20 jurisdictions (Argentina to Venezuela); 114 pages
  • North America: 68 jurisdictions (Alabama to Wyoming); 490 pages
  • Oceania: 17 jurisdictions (American Samoa to Vanuatu); 120 pages


  • Global Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) by region and product from 2001 with forecasts to 2017
  • GBGC Key Markets Database (2001 - 2017f) by gambling product (in local currency and US dollars)
  • Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) per capita by jurisdiction
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