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The iGaming Publication Package

iGaming Publication Package - Casino City's iGaming Business Directory and CD, Internet Gambling Report - Ninth Edition, Internet Gaming Law, and IGB Aces

$799.95 iGaming Publications Package
       Package Savings: $445

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Discounted Package of Online Gaming Reports, Contact Directories, and Legal Reviews

  • Casino City's iGaming Business Directory and CD includes over 3,500 online casinos, online poker rooms, sportsbooks, and online bingo sites plus 1,200 Internet gaming site owners, 10,000 web portals, software vendors, affiliate programs, regulatory jurisdictions, web traffic rankings, and more.
  • Internet Gambling Report Twelfth Edition - Book & Annual Online Subscription provides insight from the industry's top legal experts with focus on the evolving conflict between technology, policy and the law with a thorough, updated review of the legal and political climate for Internet gambling around the world. The report is provided in book format and through an online subscription with additional legal material, updates and archives.
  • Internet Gaming Law Second Edition, Revised and Expanded: Covers the multitude of new regulatory challenges involved with gambling legislation and how the law affects various constituencies - from operators and players to advertisers, banks, and software developers.